Best Place to See Lupine Super Bloom in Sacramento

Lupine bloom 📷1

Folsom Lake was host to the largest lupine super blooms in the Sacramento area. People from all areas of north california over come over to see these purple wild flowers. There are other places wildflower blooms are taking place in Northern California but Folsom had a particular beautiful Lupine bloom. The best place to see lupine superbloom is all around the Folsom Lake, in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area (SRA), at Beeks Blight and Folsom Point.

If you have any questions make sure to “Know Before You Go” and call Folsom SRA to get an update on conditions. 2

What is a superbloom?

A superbloom is a special flowering event that occurs in desert or dry areas in California, where there is a large amount of wildflower seeds are dormant in the soil and end up growing all about the same time. In areas of California the superblooms can be even be seen from space.

What conditions are necessary for a superbloom?

A superbloom is a rare and unpredictable event. It may occur in some parts of California while not in others. A superbloom can occur after a couple drought years, following a wet winter and spring, little wind, and warm later spring. If the season is to wet the seeds can be washed away, too windy it can destroy before the wildflowers can grow, not enough drought years and not enough seeds collect. Additionally, with all the right conditions that are met, they may occur in different places each time.

If a superbloom doesn’t occur in this season, enjoy the regular wildflower bloom. Respect the flowers so they can prepare for a superbloom in the future 🌱.

When does the Lupine superbloom occur?

After a rainy winter, during the mid-spring season. The bloom can be seen from March to May. Sometimes they can even be seen into June. Easy way to remember is “April Showers, Brings May Flowers”, thus roughly a month after the last rain expect to start seeing wildflowers.

Did you know?

Lupine is pronounced ’lu-PIN’ (not ’lu-PINE’). The name Lupine comes from the Latin word lupinus meaning “wolf”. It was believed the plant took up the nutrients from the seemily desert-like soil.

Lupine look similar to lavender (both are purple), but Lupine are part of the Fabaceae family and Lavender are part of the sage family which include mint. Lupine can be referred to as bluebonnets as they look like bonnets. Bees are more attracted to lavender plant but less to lupine, so this an easy way to tell them apart.

Lupine’s bloom lasts about four weeks and grow from 1 to 5 ft tall. The golden lupine is the official flower of the city of Davis.

Where can I see superbloom wildflowers?

Anywhere around Folsom Lake you will likely see wildflowers and Lupine. Folsom Lake is surrounded by the Folsom Lake Recreation Area (SRA). There are different entrances into the Folsom Lake SRA.

Lupine is the most common but you can also see California Poppy3, Slender Sowthistle 4, Baby blue eyes (Nemophila menziesii)5, Common stork’s-bill (Erodium) 6.

Where is the best place?

The best place to see the superbloom is Folsom Lake on the Granite Bay side at Beeks Bight (QV98+RW Granite Bay, California).

How to get there?

Through Douglas Rd enter by Folsom Lake - Granite Bay Entrance (Address: PRVX+MW Granite Bay, California). Entrance is $12 for parking.

Folsom Lake - Granite Bay Entrance

Once in the park drive all the way up to Beeks Bight parking lot. Once parked follow the trails around the bend and you’ll see plenty of Lupine.

Beeks Bight

Parking can be difficult to get during peak bloom. I recommend finding a place to park before getting to the Beeks Bight parking lot if you come during the weekend. Remember not to park on the road otherwise there could be ticket.

More places to see the Lupine bloom

Folsom Point

Folsom Point in Folsom Lake SRA is another great place to see lupine. Park near the Folsom Point Public Bathroom and the lupine will be to the east (see picture). The park fee entrance is $12 but see Folsom SRA website7 for updated price.

Folsom Point

Best place to see Lupine in El Dorado Hills

Old Salmon Falls

Come through Old Salmon Falls Rd and park at the Old Salmon Falls Assembly Area. Park fee is $10 cash. Old Salmon Falls Assembly Area - Google Maps

Old Salmon Falls

Browns Ravine

I haven’t been to Browns Ravine but I’ve seen beautiful pictures from there too. Check it out! Browns Ravine - Google Maps


If you are in NorCal area be sure to come see the lupine in Sacramento all around Folsom Lake. Enter through any of the Folsom Lake SRA entrances and get to a shore coast. My favorites are Beeks Blight and Folsom Point, but can also be seen at Brown’s Ravine, Granite Bay, and Old Salmon Falls.

Folsom Lake - Lupine bloom 📷8

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area