Best Korean Restaurants

Best Korean Restaurants in Sacramento. The two best Korean places are located within seconds of each other.

Hankook Tofu House

Location: 9521 Folsom Blvd Ste A Sacramento, CA 95827

The first being Hankook Tofu house. This mom and pop restaurant has the most authentic Korean food. I recommend the tofu soup. Meals come with banchan. They close early at 8pm make sure to call ahead or get there early.


Will visit again? Yes

Things to Try

Spicy Korean Chicken

Soft Tofu Soup

Modurang Family Korean Restaurant

Website, Menu

Location: 9545 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95827

Another family owned Korean business. I love the hot stone pot (Dolsot) Bibimbap. If you’re lucky the rice at the bottom will fry for scored crispy rice. If you’re in the mood for meat then Modurang Boxes are awesome. Meals come with banchan.


Will visit again? Yes

Things to Try

Banchan (comes with any order) Banchan

Modurang Box

Bibimbap (with Tofu pictured)

Bonus! Checkout Smile Food Market

Located: 2950 Bradshaw Rd Sacramento, CA 95827

If you just went to Hankook Tofu House or Modurang, stop by Smile Food Market and check out their selections of snacks, drinks, and ramen. I like this store because its small I can grab a couple awesome snacks and head home. The checkout can sometimes get congested but the people working there are nice. There is also a Smile Market 2 next to Modurang but the selection the few times I went seemed more focused on food than groceries.